How does it work



The unit assembly & disassembly is able to be performed in under 4 minutes to minimize passenger inconvenience. The separate components of this portable lift allow the crew to break down quickly, stow on-board the aircraft in baggage & reassemble quickly upon arrival.
Our chair lift has 4 separate components:

  • Motor Drive Unit
  • Hinged Track
  • Seat Base
  • Chair w/ seat belt
Motor Drive Unit
Sits at top of aircraft stairs. It contains a motor, gear reduction and pulley. The motor drive unit holds a hinged receiver to receive track. The hinge allows for varying angle of seat track to accommodate different size aircraft. Proximity switches (landing gear technology) are used to control the up and down movement.
Hinged Track
Custom designed and extruded aluminum track for maximum strength and portability. The track is hinged and folds into two sections for easy handling, assembly & compact storage. It far exceeds our self-designated 350lb weight limitation. Not mounted to aircraft stairs.
Chair Base
Pulled up and lowered on the track by a belt and motor

  • The seat and armrests of the chair are covered with marine grade upholstery for durability
  • Chair is adjustable to always maintain a level ride for the passenger
  • Chair unlocks to swivels for easy entry & exit.
  • Automotive style seat belt on the chair.
  • The chair base is designed to accommodate the different aircraft door heights
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