We vigorously maintain and protect the privacy of our owners/passengers, as we will yours.



Simply, many people just have trouble getting up/down stairs.The AeroChair™ is not a piece of medical equipment.

It was carefully designed as a tool to overcome stairs which pose as an obstacle; even for professional athletes with injuries. No one wants to be made to feel as if their physical capacity is more diminished than what it is.

The AeroChair™ provides:

  • A level ride
  • Quick & comfortable ride (apx 45 seconds)
  • Convenience – assembles & disassembles in under 4 min to minimize passenger wait time
  • No fuss. No commotion


The AeroChair™ can assist any passenger who has difficulty navigating stairs possibly due to:

  •  Diabetes (loss of feeling in feet)
  • Stroke
  • Sports Injuries
  • Hip/knee replacement
  • Surgery
  • Degenerative & Autoimmune Conditions (Parkinson’s, MS)


The AeroChair™ allows the passenger to maintain their dignity by not requiring additional equipment or ground support personnel….

which often draws unwanted attention and embarrassment.

“Patent Pending”