For over 30 yrs of my aviation career, I have witnessed FBO’s and operators of all size aircraft struggle to get passengers up & down aircraft stairs.

Being faced with this problem myself, I searched for a strong, compact device to keep on-board my aircraft to use on the road. After not having found such a device, I designed one. My lift is strong, reliable, and most importantly, portable. It can be assembled and disassembled in minutes and compactly stores in baggage hold. This portability provides a safer solution than relying on pilots & FBO personnel to carry passengers.

The degree of immobility is inconsequential; requiring assistance to climb/descend air stairs is dangerous, stressful and embarrassing.


“I designed this lift for my owners to use on-board my airplane.”
– Les Weaver, Cpt. Global 5000




Les Weaver
Bombardier Global Express Advisory Board

  • Flown for Fortune 500 companies such as Sara Lee, Bausch & Lomb, Delphi,
  • Over 16,000 flight hrs. with extensive worldwide operations
  • Check-Airman giving FAA Check Rides for BD-700, G-IV, CL-604
  • Aircraft management, acquisitions
  • New aircraft completions & delivery from factory


Les’ daughter, Aimee, saw and encouraged her father to pursue his dream of developing a viable
solution to the growing problem of passenger immobility. This reinforced the commitment to develop
products that can add value to ground service providers while offering a solution directly to aircraft
owners, as well.


Aimee Weaver
Director of Sales

  • Aimee has extensive experience dealing with the challenges of meeting many aircraft owner’s needs.
  • Exxon Mobil Avitat Boca Raton, FBO Operations & Customer Service
  • Wingedfoot Services, Assistant to Directors of Flight Operations & Maintenance for securing
  • Part 135 Air Carrier Certification through Washington DC FSDO
  • Chrysler Pentastar Aviation, Flight Coordinator for Airbus corporate shuttle with daily
  • international operations and Customer Service


“Patent Pending”